Experience Section:



Tampa Bay Community Network
Tampa Educational Cable Consortium
Community Access Television of Salina
Lockport Community Television
Community Access Partners of San Buenaventura
'Olelo Community Television

The Buske Group was retained by these local access organizations to conduct evaluations of the operation and management of their facilities and an ascertainment of access-related needs and interests.  The following consulting services were provided:

1. Preparation and submission of questionnaires to collect information about the local access organization's equipment inventory and recent levels of community use of access resources;

2. On-site inspection of the production facilities;

3. Interviews with members of the access organization staff and Board of Directors;

4. Meetings with city and school representatives;

5. Focus group sessions designed to obtain the opinions of public access producers about current and prospective services offered by the local access organization;

6. A telephone survey of cable subscribers regarding their awareness of programming and services offered by the local access organization, and their opinions of the organization and its operations (Salina only); and

7. Compilation of all this information in a written report of findings and recommendations.

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