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CALIFORNIA: Cities of San Jose, Monterey, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Fresno, Clovis, Ventura, Petaluma, Arcata, Blue Lake, Eureka, Ferndale, Fortuna, Rio Dell, Auburn, Gilroy, Hollister, and San Juan Bautista; and the Counties of Marin, Santa Cruz and Humboldt

FLORIDA: City of Tampa

KANSAS: City of Salina

The Buske Group provided assistance in the establishment of new nonprofit PEG access management organizations for the communities listed above.  Our services typically included the following tasks:

1. Assisting the jurisdictions in establishing a Board of Conveners;

2. Development and implementation of a work plan for the Board of Conveners;

3. Working with the Board of Conveners to draft and finalize articles of incorporation and bylaws for a new access management corporation to serve the City;

4. Helping the Board of Conveners develop and implement a process of identifying and selecting a Board of Directors for the new access management corporation; and

5. Assisting the Board of Directors in the process of selecting an initial Executive Director for the new access management corporation.


Manhattan Neighborhood Network - Youth Channel Project

The Buske Group was retained by Manhattan Neighborhood Network to coordinate the establishment of a "National Youth Initiated Channel" as part of its community access services.  The Buske Group provided assistance in the development of a nonprofit Public Access channel to be utilized, staffed and overseen by youth in the Manhattan, New York area. Tasks undertaken by The Buske Group included the following:

Development of a project workplan and timeline;

Conducting focus groups for youth participants to establish their access needs and their visions of the Youth Channel; and

Work with the Youth Channel Advisory Committee to develop bylaws for the new Youth Channel.

Assist in the establishment of a formal working relationship between the Youth Channel Advisory Committee and the Manhattan Neighborhood Network Board of Directors.

CreaTV San Jose - Start-Up & Ongoing Consulting Services

The Buske Group has been retained by CreaTV San Jose to conduct several consulting projects, including:

Advice during start-up process (assistance on initial and second 5-year contracts with City, transition plan from company-managed PEG Access, rules & procedures, 10-year budget plan, facility selection, etc.);

Two telephone surveys of cable subscribers regarding viewership of and attitudes about the programming on the CreaTV San Jose channels over a three-year time period; and

Advice during successful effort to reach agreement with Comcast to include PEG program listings on the company’s electronic program guide.


Access Sacramento - Strategic Planning;
Executive Director Search

The Buske Group was retained by Access Sacramento in 2012 to work with its Board of Directors to: (1) conduct a strategic planning process; and (2) provide guidance and advice during all phases of their effort to hire a new Executive Director for the organization.  The Buske Group provided the following services:

Strategic Plan:  Review pertinent documents, prepare materials for the Strategic Planning meeting(s); survey Board members to gather information; conduct a strategic planning work session with the Board, designed to encourage interactive conversation and problem-solving, help them envision long term goals, and identify initiatives and tasks necessary to achieve those goals; and analyze the survey responses and notes from the strategic planning work session to develop a Strategic Plan for presentation to the Board.

Executive Director Search:  Work with the Board to determine attributes sought in an Executive Director; develop detailed timeline of tasks to be conducted; prepare job description; advertise the position in a variety of media; contact qualified individuals to encourage them to apply; analyze applications and prepare a comparative table regarding the qualifications of all applicants; help assess selected applicants via a multi-faceted review process; facilitate the determination of the candidate to be offered the position.


City of Berkeley, California - Board of Conveners

The Buske Group was retained by the City to coordinate all activities of a twenty-five member Board of Conveners.  The Buske Group had the following mandates:

Develop a workplan and timeline reflecting the tasks that the Board of Conveners must undertake;

Conduct a day-long briefing workshop for the Board of Conveners;

Attend Board of Conveners meetings, guiding the group and serving as an information resource to them;

Develop draft articles of incorporation and bylaws for an access management corporation in Berkeley;

Facilitate a process to identify the initial Board of Directors for the access management corporation;

Prepare guidelines for the development of a five-year capital and operating plan;

Develop an outline and summary of cable access policies and procedures;

Develop an outline of key areas included in the access management contract between the City and access corporation; and

Facilitate an orientation for the initial Board of Directors of the access management corporation.


Davis Community Television - Davis California

The Buske Group has provided a variety of services to Davis Community Television (DCTV).

In 1987, as the result of the transfer of cable system ownership, a nonprofit corporation was developed in Davis.  The Buske Group was retained to develop the articles of incorporation and bylaws for DCTV and to draft and negotiate the access management contract between DCTV and the City.

The Buske Group was retained to develop and implement a retreat for the newly appointed Board of DCTV.

Over two decades later, The Buske Group provided advice to DCTV regarding issues related to the recently-adopted state law (DIVCA) and the impact of that law on PEG access activities and resources in Davis.

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