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Chart:  Outcomes of Recent Cable Franchise Renewals

Overview of the Cable Television Franchise Renewal Process.

Conducting a Community Needs Assessment.

FCC's Cable TV Customer Service Obligations.

FCC's Cable TV Technical Standards.

PEG Access Basics.

Overview of By-Laws for Access NonProfit Organizations.

Sample By-Laws for Access NonProfit Organizations.

Overview of Operating Rules and Procedures.

Sample Contract between City and Access Center.

Sample Contract between an Access Center and a Cable Company.

Sample Employment Agreement: Access Center Executive Director.

The Buske Group: Overview of Services and Experience.

Resume of Sue Buske, President of The Buske Group.

Resume of Randy VanDalsen, Vice President of The Buske Group.

The Buske Group
4808 T Street - Sacramento, CA  95819
Phone: (916) 441-6277