The Buske Group is a highly experienced consulting firm that offers a broad range of communication services. We provide an experienced team of professionals to meet client needs in many areas, including:

  • Cable franchise renewal

  • Community needs assessments associated with franchise renewal and utilization of cable by nonprofit organizations, schools, universities and government entities 

  • Identification of community cable-related needs and interests through focus groups and surveys 

  • Cable regulation and policy

  • Cable company franchise compliance, franchise fee reviews, and performance review

  • Cable transfer of ownership


  • Development of management plans for public, educational or government (PEG) channels, facilities, and operations 

  • Provide assistance in the establishment of new nonprofit PEG access management organizations 

  • PEG access executive search processes

  • Surveys related to cable television, PEG access, and digital literacy 

  • Research specific to all policy and operational aspects of local cable programming

  • Analysis of PEG access policies and procedures and PEG access personnel policies  

  • Compliance and performance reviews of public, educational and government access operations   

  • Strategic and long range planning 

  • Transitions from one form of PEG access management to another


  • Seminars and retreats tailored to meet the cable information needs of a designated group or city