The following individuals have provided legal advice for cable communications clients of The Buske Group.  Brief descriptions of their areas of expertise are provided.



James Horwood, Spiegel & McDiarmid

James Horwood has over 40 years of practice specializing in matters covering a wide range of energy and communications law.  He has been in private practice (with Spiegel & McDiarmid) for since 1973, with concentration in representing municipal and cooperative electric distribution systems, associations of such systems, municipal joint action agencies, and generation and transmission cooperatives in energy matters and advising cities on cable television issues.  Mr. Horwood advises local governments on all aspects of telecommunications law.  This includes work for cities considering municipal ownership and operation of cable systems, construction and ownership of infrastructure, including fiber optic systems, and issues that arise under cable television franchises, including those in connection with renewal, transfer, enforcement and rate regulation.

Tillman Lay, Spiegel & McDiarmid

For the past 20 years, Tillman Lay has represented a host of local governments across the nation on a variety of cable television and telecommunications matters, including telecommunications and cable ordinance drafting, utility and rights-of-way agreements, cable television franchise renewals and transfers, franchise negotiations, franchise enforcement, franchise fee disputes, telecommunications tax, and telecommunications tower zoning issues.  In the course of these and other representations, he has worked on cable franchise renewals, transfers, and other telecommunications matters involving a wide variety of cable operators, and has also advised municipalities on a variety of issues relating to PEG access channels.  Mr. Lay also has expertise in developing municipal cable and telecommunications policies, as well as drafting of municipal cable and telecommunications ordinances in light of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Joe Van Eaton, Best Best & Krieger

Joe Van Eaton specializes in representing municipalities and nonprofit groups on a broad range of communications and antitrust-related matters. He has worked with communities on cable franchise renewals, advised communities as to the effect of the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 on local authority to regulate rates and to enforce franchise provisions, and aided communities in conducting cable operator performance evaluations.  His work has involved representation of communities in cases involving First Amendment and antitrust challenges to local franchising authorities. He filed one of the first post-Cable Act petitions which resulted in a community re-regulating basic cable service rates and has provided advice to a number of communities investigating the feasibility of municipal ownership of cable television systems.

Gail Karish, Best Best & Krieger

Gail A. Karish is a telecommunications attorney who advises local governments and municipal utilities on a wide range of cable and telecommunications law matters, including broadband and fiber network acquisitions, leases and irrevocable right of use (IRU) agreements; franchising and contract negotiations with cable, media and telecommunications companies; wireless facilities zoning and planning matters;  pole attachment disputes; interlocal cooperation and governance issues; and local, state and federal regulatory compliance. She also drafts ordinances and legislation and advocates before the Federal Communications Commission and state utility commissions.